We help Housekeepers

A platform for Housekeeping professionals from hospitality, facility management, healthcare,  Retail, Educational Institutions, Training  institute and Government Bodies to share experience and best practices.

Synergizing housekeeping Fraternity

Sharing knowledge and fostering professional development in the Hospitality industry and education.

To provide a platform to next generation business Model

That will allow one to form alliance beyond one’s immediate circle through other members of the  association.

“We achieve much more when we collaborate rather than compete”

Given the typical stage of their life, most students are constantly wanting to explore new spaces and seek thrilling experiences.  The PHA fraternity very humbly offers a more collaborative engagement for students from various institutions while enriching the hospitality landscape in India.

Our Mission

“To be a non-profit organisation that provides an active platform to holistically synergise the housekeeping workforce and budding housekeeping professionals by facilitating practical & innovative solutions, guidance and knowledge dissemination through rigorous networking & interactive initiatives”

Our Vision

“To instil a sense of pride, comradeship, knowledge and professionalism among the housekeeping fraternity and future housekeeping professionals”

Our Events

1st year anniversary National event

The PHA Yuva Convention is a networking platform for knowledge share, discussion, exposure and ideation in the field of Housekeeping. Come, experience the vibrant synergy created by like-minded youth from hospitality management educational institutions across India

3rd national housekeepers convention and anniversary 2018

A B2B meeting networking and knowledge sharing was conducted on 20th may 2018. This convetion is a networking platform for knowledge sharing, discussion, exposure, information and ideas on advanced technology in housekeeping methodology



Excellent Efforts to you all…I am following you since your inception. You shld have one at Kolkata which I would love to attend & contribute.

Deepak Baahl

Business Associates 

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